About us

We provide ambitious, growing online retailers from all over the world with the platform they need to offer exciting new product lines to customers. Our technology and software are designed to effortlessly integrate into your existing systems so that your profits rise.

Launching in 2017 as Turkey’s first dropship company, we deploy cutting edge strategies and resources to connect innovative suppliers in fashion and homewares with e-retailers. Our carefully crafted tools let you retain full control of your margins while we take over all the tasks of preparing and shipping when an order is placed. With a deep understanding of the market and consumer trends, our extensive product range is continuously being refreshed to meet the demand of the fast-paced nature of the online retail sector.

Our mission is your success

We know how competitive the digital retail market is and we’ve made it our mission to support growing businesses access the inventory they need. Knawat means channels and that’s exactly what we bring you. Utilising our vast network of suppliers, we bring you a collection of goods at wholesale prices to offer your customers.

We take the hassle of sourcing products and shipping them to customers out of your hands but you’re still free to set your costs, ensuring you’re able to hit targets in terms of margins and profit.
When your business does well, so does ours.

Backed by experience

Here at Knawat we pride ourselves on understanding the competitive e-retail market. Founded by entrepreneurs, we strive to solve business problems to create channels of opportunities.

We thrive on creating practical, effective solutions that deliver real results for the inspiring online retail businesses that we work with.

We understand that sourcing quality products within the fashion and homeware sector from reliable suppliers is no easy task. That’s where our first business offering comes in.

Our innovation solution provides you with a way to create new revenue channels to grow your market share. Working closely with suppliers, we work to bring you cost effective wholesale prices and the latest trends in the sector, so you remain at the forefront of the industry, matching the demands of your customers.

Making growing your business simple

With so many other tasks to focus on, we make sure that adding new stock to your e-retail business is as simple as possible.

Effectively integrating into your existing systems, our export feature means you can add whole new product lines with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Our commitment to ensuring that every part of the Knawat process is as simple as possible maximises the time you have to focus on other areas of your business, such as reaching new customers and developing a brand.