Are You Dropshipping? Here Are Five Tips to Get Your SEO tricks Spot-On and Maximize Sales

Drop shipping is a massively rewarding undertaking if you know how to market right. It’s easier said than done. The problem is that even though many people understand how to market products, they might be unaware of how to use SEO.

Want to know how to get your site SEO sorted? Read on!


Why Should I Not Focus Too Much on Ranking?

Did you know that ranking is only half of the big SEO picture? Yes! Ultimately your objective is to get people to your dropshipping site. Along with ranking and visibility, you should also focus on unpaid visitor inflow and keyword-based traffic. In other words, those potential customers who arrive at your site through search engine queries and based on keyword density. By analyzing these two, you can understand how effective your SEO strategy really is and how you can improve it.

Why Should I Make Optimal Use of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a treasure chest of vital SEO information catered specifically to your dropshipping website. It is a single source of getting all the site-specific SEO reports you are going to need. Wouldn’t you like to know how well your site is competing with others? How about that new SEO strategy you just put in place a week back? It would be great to know its efficacy, right? Google Analytics provides you this and much more. So make total use of it and get your SEO sense strong.

Why Should My Site Be Mobile-Friendly?

This one is a no-brainer. Most dropshipping is done via mobile. Having a mobile-friendly interface is a must. It’s always a good idea to let your customers shop on the go. Get this aspect sorted and you might see a MASSIVE sales boost.

Why Should I Optimize My Site’s URL?

Did you know that the URL has a huge bearing on how easy your site is to find and return to? You can even make them SEO-centric. Instead of a jumble of coded words, try a simple address which includes target keywords. It can work even if you are already getting a lot of traffic. Just make sure that your new SEO-based URL is more effective than the previous.

Why Do I Need a Structured SEO Approach?

Would you like to visit a building that has a confusing floor map? No. The same goes for your website. Also, with interlinking, you can maximize how long a potential client stays on your dropshipping site. This makes for better SEO as well as sales optimization. Get this done asap and watch your sales GROW!

While this may not be a definitive list of SEO tricks, these are the most important things to focus on. Remember, the D in dropshipping stands for Displayability, Directness, and Definition.

Wouldn’t you like your dropshipping site to mesmerize potential clients? Indeed you would! So get working on these SEO tricks and boost your drop shipping sales immensely!