Common Dropshipping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The thought of starting a dropshipping business can be an exciting feeling, especially at the beginning. You are searching for your product, getting your website in place, and getting ready to hit the market and generate sales. You are doing a lot of research to know what works best and see what your competitors are doing and not doing.

Many people get caught up in this excitement that they miss the important things and make several mistakes. Some mistakes can ruin your dropshipping journey early, while some take time before it comes to hunt you. But regardless, you don’t want to make any costly mistakes. To help your dropshipping journey, here are some mistakes to avoid.


   1. Picking a broad or wrong niche

The first mistake on this list that many dropshippers make is picking a niche that isn’t meant for them. Some dropshippers see a product trending and think they can jump on it and start selling, but it’s wrong. Also, having a broad niche makes dropshipping very expensive and turns out to be a bad idea in most cases.

Before picking a niche, you want to make sure you have done your research and narrowed it down to a product variety.

   2. Not having a marketing plan

Another crucial mistake is starting a dropshipping business with no actual marketing plan. Some people think telling their family and friends about their dropshipping business is enough to yield growth; unfortunately, that’s not the case.

You want to draw a marketing plan and select effective marketing channels for your dropshipping business. One or two marketing channels are perfect while starting, so you can focus properly (you don’t want to pick a lot of channels and win at none).

   3. Being too optimistic

No one starts a business and expects it to fail the next day, but you do not want to go into dropshipping thinking you will make 6 figures within your first month. Being overly optimistic can kill your morale if your expectations are not met. So, don’t be too optimistic while trying not to be pessimistic.

   4. Poor shipping

This is a severe mistake that has ruined a lot of dropshipping businesses. Not being able to deliver items in good shape and within the duration shown on your website can get you out of business. You want to find the right shipping company for your dropshipping business.

   5. Relying solely on a producer/Supplier

Individuals and organizations experience setbacks and fail to deliver the goods they promised, and for this reason, you do not want to rely on a particular supplier. Apart from failing to deliver, suppliers can increase their prices which can hurt your margin or not deliver the items on time. For this reason, having several suppliers is a good idea.

   6. Competing on price

Trying to cut down your price to sell cheaper than your competitors can hurt your business in the long term, especially when you are just starting. Doing this can hurt your profit margin or make your dropshipping business look too good to be true.

   7. Having copyrighted content or items on your website

Selling trademarked products or having copyrighted content on your website can hurt your business growth. You want to make sure that your website content isn’t plagiarised and your items aren’t trademarked (unless you are given the right to sell them).

   8. Not optimizing your store for mobile

Most eCommerce sales are made on mobile phones, and if your eCommerce website isn’t responsive on mobile, how do you intend to make sales? You should hire an expert to get this done for you if you have no technical knowledge, as mobile optimization can increase your conversion rate.

   9. Not using a reliable dropshipping software

Many dropshippers, especially newbies, think they can run a dropshipping business without making use of software and plugins that are designed for this purpose. These software/plugins help to automate some processes and make your online store run smoothly. At Knawat, we have built a reliable plugin to help your dropshipping business. You can check out the features here.


Avoiding these dropshipping mistakes puts you on the right track, and you can watch your dropshipping business grow.