Dropshipping – Its Biggest Challenges and How to Overcome Them

New to the world of drop shipping? Wondering what problems you will face when you launch your drop shipping business? We got you covered! Read on to know how you can overcome the biggest dropshipping problems and take your business to the skies.

How Do You Finding a Supplier?

This is the first thing you have to find out before you can make your first sale. The biggest problem with drop shipping is that you do not get to see the products yourself. At best you have a picture of what they look like. There is no easy way of ensuring quality unless you buy from a trusted source.

This is where Knawat can come to your rescue. Since it is a front-end retailer, it is a reliable source for procuring all the Turkish products you want. Knawat also maintains a large network of suppliers to ensure product availability at all times.

Are Your Suppliers Reliable?

When you choose a supplier, you have to ensure that their business dealings are completely transparent. Also, you need to make sure that they comply with the business standards of their own country and the one that they are shipping to. This is not only important from a legal point-of-view but also for assuring the customer of your products and services.

With Knawat, you only need to worry about expanding your customer base. Everything else is taken care of by us. We assure your perpetual availability of 100% authentic Turkish products from a huge network of trusted suppliers.

Can You Manage Business Growth?

Okay, you have the business underway and it’s going great. The problem now is that there is no structure in place to handle all the orders coming through on a daily basis. Also, you must deal with the supply chain management problem. This is the biggest hurdle you will face once you have successfully launched your drop shipping business. Though this might seem like an insurmountable problem, Knawat already has the answer.

With its massive resource base and dedicated software suites, Knawat offers all dropshippers using its services complete automation facilities. Right from order processing to the actual drop, Knawat does it all. So you can sit back and let your business boom!

How Do You Handle Customer Returns?

So finally everything is going great – the suppliers are happy, the customers are happy and you too are happy. But suddenly, a customer rains on your parade and says they want the product returned. What do you do? Do you send it back to the supplier and ask for a refund? Will you get it? What would you say to the client if you don’t? Rest easy on these questions when you are using Knawat!

We already have an understanding with our suppliers and maintain professional relations with them with pre-defined terms that include returns. So if a customer wants a product returned, all you have to do is to forward the request and Knawat will do the rest. Simple, right? And that is exactly why Knawat is leading the charge in the drop shipping business worldwide.


By now, you know how Knawat can help your business overcome the most daunting dropshipping challenges. Along with authentic Turkish products and a dedicated dropshipping service, there is a helpful staff always ready to answer your questions Just connect with Knawat and become the next big drop shipping tycoon!