Five Fantastic Features on Your Facebook Dropshipping Business Page You Should Know

Facebook is a great platform for getting the word out on your dropshipping business and driving sales. But did you know that there is much more to your FB account than simply posting? There are in fact a ton of things that you can do to not just make your page popular but also maximize outreach and thereby skyrocket dropshipping sales. Want to know how to do that? Read on!

Integrate Facebook with Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words and Instagram is the perfect medium to display your dropshipping products. However, did you know that your Insta posts can be linked to your Facebook? Yeah! You can actually manage posts from both these social media through just one interface. The Facebook Page Manager app lets you do that and much more. So get those crisp pictures on Insta ported over to FB too and watch your business boom!

How to Use the FB Preview Option to Maximum Effect?

Let’s face it – Your drop shipping post is not likely to get a lot of attention if it does not catch the readers’ eyes in an instant. How do we ensure that? Make a pitch and picture-perfect preview! Make the post totally and terrifically tantalizing. If you don’t know how to do that, then hire someone who does professional web content writing.

And although it’s an expense, you will not regret making it once the sales go through the roof. Along with the text, get HD pictures that can engage, amaze, and help people relate. Then you have yourself a click-worthy post.

How Do I Post ‘Differently’ from My Competitors?

Every company has a certain time frame within which they make their posts. As a result, during specific hours on the clock, the feed is flooded with their content. Did you know you can beat the rat race and post at an hour that nobody expects? Find out where your drop shipping demographic is mostly online.

For example, if you are dropshipping backpacks, then you should target teens. They will mostly be online at night, chatting up their pals. Post at late night hours. If you still want to follow the trend, then simply posts 15 minutes earlier or later than your competitors.

How Do I Fill Up My Post History?

Are you just about to launch your drop shipping FB page but it looks kind of empty? Worry not! Simply get 15-20 posts and scatter them across a few weeks with the backdating feature on FB. That way, you will still get your posts out there and when a potential customer visits your page, it will look like it should –full of content.

How Do I CTA My Latest Product?

Do you have a product you believe could sell like crazy? Make a post about it on your FB page and pin it on top. That’s the first thing a visitor is going to see when they arrive, so your chances of getting enhanced sales will increase too.

These are only a few of the many tips, but they are the most important. Another thing to do is to keep track of the suggestions on your business page as they might come in handy. If you do all the above, there’s a big chance you will get sales optimized soon and be raking in the dough from dropshipping in no time!