How To Find A Credible Dropshipping Supplier

When starting a new venture, finding the source of the products you will be selling is crucial. You need a reliable supplier who fits your needs and keeps your business running. This aspect does not change in dropshipping. The success of any dropshipping business lies in the hands of the supplier.

Your dropshipping supplier plays a critical role in your business. They are responsible for quality checking, packaging, and delivering products to your customers directly or partner with dropshipping platforms such as Knawat who take up such tasks on their behalf. However, finding a credible dropshipping supplier can be challenging. Many suppliers exist, but not all are fit for your venture. So, how do you find a credible one? Here are some ways to consider:

Engage in extensive market research

No doubt, getting a credible supplier for your dropshipping business is not easy. You need to invest in extensive research to avoid falling into the hands of fraudsters. While search engines can help you on the mission, they are not enough. 

Most dropshipping suppliers do not have time for marketing. Their websites may not even be ranking in the search results. For this reason, your desired supplier might be hard to find on Google and other search engines. This aspect calls for enhanced research, including on the supplier directories and seeking referrals from colleagues. 

Also, dropshipping platforms like Knawat feature a supplier’s directory. Every online store owner can access this directory and find a reliable supplier.  

Have a list of potential suppliers 

When performing your research, it is essential to develop a list of potential suppliers. Choose a supplier dealing with products in your niche. Also, assess their location and other crucial details to help you pick the right one. You can consider contacting them for more information on their terms of trade.

Vet the potential suppliers 

Though suppliers might be dealing with the same products, they are not equal. Each dropshipping supplier is unique in how they run their business. Essentially, to everyone calling themselves, dropshipping suppliers are wholesalers. Some retailers take advantage of this booming niche to make big returns. 

Vet the suppliers by assessing various aspects such as the pre-order charges and minimum ordering quantity. Also, check whether they charge a monthly fee (note: any supplier demanding a monthly payment is not genuine). The additional services they are providing should also be a consideration. This way, you will shortlist the possible suppliers for your dropshipping business.  

Assess their shipping duration 

When finding a credible dropshipping supplier, the shipping duration is crucial. A good supplier should offer faster shipping. Fast deliveries lead to happy customers. When your customers are happy, you can expect more business from them. You will also gain a competitive advantage as they will refer their friends and relatives to your venture.

Look for a supplier offering 24 hours or utmost 2 days shipping duration. Importantly, do not believe what they say. You can consider placing a test order to assess their efficiency. How they will perform will be enough to help you make a credible decision.  

Order some products from your potential competitors

Probably, you are struggling to secure a reliable supplier. All suppliers on your list seem to be unfit for your venture. For instance, they turn out to be fake, or their delivery duration is wanting. Now, you are wondering what to do next. 

If this is your situation, you can get a reliable supplier through your competitors. But how is this possible? Here is the secret: since they are dropshipping, the returns will go to the suppliers’ stores. 

All you need is the supplier’s contacts. The best way to get it is by placing an order from your potential competitors. Their supplier will fulfill the order and provide the return address. Use the address to reach out to the potential supplier for business.

In a word, if you are finding a credible dropshipping supplier, you can consider the above aspects. Remember, the supplier holds the key to your business success. A mistake in selecting one can mean the end of your promising dropshipping venture.