Niche vs General Dropshipping: Which is better?

If you’re about to establish your online store but aren’t sure of what to choose, whether it’s a niche store or a general store that sells everything, then this post is for you. This isn’t even for only newbies, because some experts still struggle with this issue and don’t know if they should focus on a niche or go for a general audience with their online stores. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to the two kinds of store, but which is the suitable one for you? Let’s figure it out!


Let us first check out a general store. 


What’s a general store? 

From its name, it’s very easy to figure out what a general store is. This kind of store is the one that sells almost all categories of products from light bulbs to shoes. Several drop shippers believe that you can easily get customers when you sell everything. That’s because there’s a high tendency of the visitor to find something they’d like to buy in the general store. But is that true? Let us check out its advantages. 


Advantages of a general store

  • The business is way easier and simpler to scale (more products, more income).
  • You can easily test out any product after you import them using Knawat
  • It is very much cost-effective (lesser cost for operation and product updates).
  • Gives you the chance to adapt to several trends. 
  • You get the chance to learn while making money (sell anything that’s trending).


Disadvantages of a general store

  • It is more difficult to get that viral effect especially when you’re building your brand. 
  • Your customers are less enthusiastic and passionate (low conversion rate), although you can counter this issue with niche-based Facebook pages/groups. 
  • Your email marketing campaigns will get lower open or click rates because you aren’t targeting a particular audience. 
  • Brand loyalty will be lowered since people your target will be more interested in lower prices. 


What’s a niche store?

This is completely different from a general store as it’s a store that only sells a specific kind of product. These products have the same features and are usually targeted at a specific audience. For example, a dog niche store would sell dog jackets, dog kennels, and so on. 


Advantages of a niche store

  • Creating a solid brand image is very much easier with a niche store. 
  • You get passionate customers who will love your products endlessly. 
  • SEO is pretty easy. 
  • It’s easier to select the right products to market. 
  • You can easily develop a “cult-like” audience that is passionate about what you sell. 
  • It’s easy for you to market the store in places created for a particular niche. 
  • It’ll be easier for you to run niche-specific ads to focus on your audience. 


Disadvantages of a niche store

  • The items and products you get to offer are limited. 
  • You’ll have to start over from scratch to break into another niche. 
  • Keeping the business running will require more time and more money. 


Which one is better?

Just like we’ve stated above, it is much easier to start a general store. You’re not required to spend time making research and finding the perfect products, as you can easily find products for your general store by using Knawat, a tool that helps you import best-selling products to your dropshipping store. But on the flip side, it is more difficult to make money. With a niche store, you’ll get the chance to set up a much more effective ad campaign, and targeting your potential buyers will be easier. So, the one you decide to go for totally depends on your preference. Check out the comparison well and choose the one that you feel will work best for you.