PPC Marketing for Dropshipping Businesses

You’ve already created your online store, and the next thing to do is advertise the store. A very effective way of doing this is via the use of online ads, as they can help you build awareness, drive sales, and re-engage with people who have visited your website previously. One of the top ways of doing this is through pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Let us check out some advantages and disadvantages of PPC ads. 


What Are The Advantages of PPC?

PPC has a whole lot of advantages, and some of them include:

  • You will be able to access an entirely new and highly targeted audience for your products. 
  • It is greatly measurable and provides immediate results 
  • It is fantastic for brand exposure, especially if you are just starting out your brand. 
  • You only pay anytime someone clicks on your ad. 
  • There’s flexibility when it comes to ad spending, so you’ll only spend what’s on your budget if you manage it properly. 


Does PPC Have Disadvantages?

Well, if you do not manage your campaigns properly, they can turn out to become unprofitable. If you aren’t sure of how to create a profitable PPC campaign, you can go online to search for Ad agencies that can help you. 


Kick-Off With Shopping Ads

Are you aware that you now have the chance of automatically adding your products to your Google Merchant Centre account? Setting up an account on Google Merchant Centre is one of the top ways to make the best out of your PPC ad campaign for your dropshipping store. 


If you created your store on Shopify, you can decide to sync your products and set up ad campaigns via the use of Shopify’s Google channel directly from Shopify’s UI. But in a situation whereby you need to request a refund for invalid clicks to your ad, you will need to go to your account on Google Ads. 


Even though Google Ads is one of the top PPC platforms for drop shippers due to its endless features, there are two things you should remember to do:

  • Synchronize your discounts and deals
  • Optimize your product feed


Ensure you use the right keywords to optimize the product descriptions so Google’s machine learning system will be able to automate ad generation. With this, you can save a ton of effort and time, giving you the chance to quickly push your Google Ads. You can even import products to your store using apps like Knawat, and these products come with SEO descriptions that can help you rank well on search engines. 


What’s the Best Time to Run PPC Ads

We would recommend you to make sure that your PPC Ad campaigns are always live – as long as your account performance is showing solid results. For instance, if you are selling high-end shoes, it would be an excellent idea to run PPC ads: you can decide to spend on a lot of clicks because you’ll get a great return on ad spend (ROAS) even if you have a low number of sales. 


There’s no doubt that PPC Ads will perform better during some particular times: for instance, seasonal sales. During Cyber Monday or Black Friday, Christmas or New Year sales, we’d recommend all store owners to run PPC ads. The messaging delivered through PPC ads will be substantially different compared to the results you get through organic SEO. What you can add to the ad copy include:

  • The offer
  • The discount amount
  • The validity of the offer
  • The available discount code 

During these important periods of the year, you’ll get high search volume when you include keywords such as “sale” or “discount” on your product descriptions.