This Woman Made $15k In Just 3 Months with Her Dropshipping Business!

The founder of Fashionista, Linda Coleman, is a shy woman who has managed to make $15,000 in the first three months of starting her eCommerce business.

She passes a bright smile and says, “I never expected to earn this much. I’m hoping for a bigger number in the coming months.”

Things weren’t always the same. Linda was a stay-at-home-mom with two sons (aged 7 and 4). A fussy mom who kept running after her kids all the time, she didn’t know what to do with her extra time when her younger son started going to school.

Initially, she expected something of the likes of a few hundred dollars per month – more like some extra money to splurge on a couple of lunches with friends.

“I started looking for jobs that could help me earn a few dollars. I did find small gigs on Fiverr. For a few months, I barely made $50-$60 each month. Yeah, I could take my kids for some snacks, but it wasn’t much. I thought if I can make 50, I can also make 500. Thankfully, dropshipping services helped me.”

As Linda explored her opportunities, she looked inside herself to find her hidden talent. “It was always fashion,” she said, “I was always complimented on the dresses and accessories I wore. So I thought if I sold fashion items, it would make a great eCommerce store.”

However, there was one problem – capital shortage. To start a store, she would need at least 15 different items in various colors and sizes. She didn’t have so much capital to invest.

Linda had almost given up on her dream of an eCommerce store when she heard of drop shipping.

“It was a friend’s brother’s idea. He was talking about setting up a dropshipping business. He dropped the idea later, but it certainly gave me a ray of hope, and this is how things started rolling for me,” she says with a twinkle in her eye.

The first dropshipping website she came across was AliExpress. She found many exciting products there, but when she read the reviews, she wasn’t happy about them.

“Somehow, people didn’t like Chinese things very much. Many people bought things through drop shipping, but they turned out to be different than what was shown in the images.”

As she explored further, she got interested in Turkish items. Linda says, “Turkish fashion is very similar to what we wear here in the west. I saw a drop shipping website, (, and gave it a try. Their prices were reasonable and I could easily afford them so I tried their platform.”

With that, she started a drop ship business that fetched her decent income over a period of three months. She began with an inventory of hundreds of products and has now over one thousand items on her list. She plans on expanding her line and including cosmetics and makeup in her range as well.

“If all goes well,” she says, “I hope to see at least $20,000 per month.”

Women like Linda are an inspiration to thousands of stay-at-home-moms who want to generate some extra bucks in their spare time.